PRICES 2022/23

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Discover US$
Discover Scuba Diving (1) 105
Discover Scuba Diving + 1 tank dive (1) 160
Double Dive US$
Double Tank Dive Boat 100
3 Double Tank Dives Boat 285
5 Double Tank Dives Boat 450

Custom Dive Packages available upon request

Single dive US$
Nitrox per tank +10
Single Dive 61
Sunset/night Dive 77
Regulator 11
B.C.D 11
Mask/Fins/Snorkel 6
Wetsuit 6
Whole Set 23
Dive Light 13
Dive Computer 13

Discounts available for groups

CERTIFICATIONS : Improve your diving experience 

         Aqualung Gear included Aqualung+Logo+edit
Courses Description US$
Scuba Review/Refresh  One dive to get confortable again 125
Open Water Diver + Padi Elearning 5 training sessions. Theory online. Certification card. 590
Open Water Diver +Nitrox +2 Elearning  5 training sessions including 2 with Nitrox. Theory online. Certification cards. 790
Open Water Referral  4 training sessions in open water.  320
Advanced Open Water + Padi Elearning 5 adventures including Deep and Orientation.  Theory online. Certification card. 490
Advanced Open Water +Nitrox+2 Elearning  5 adventures including 2 with Nitrox.  Certification cards 650
EFR Emergency First Response+ Elearning emergency first aid training half day. Certification card. 180
Rescue Diver + Elearning 5 training sessions. Certification card.  490

All courses are available on E-Learning Theory upon request

Specialties Description US$
Specialties without diving Aware – Coral Reef conservation, Project AWARE® Specialist, Dive Against Debris 100
Specialties with 2 dives Enriched Air (Nitrox), Drift Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Digital Underwater Photography, Fish Identification, Boat Dive, Multilevel, Dive Against Debris 160
Specialties with 3 dives Orientation dive, Night Dive 220
Specialties with 4 dives Deep dive, Wreck dive, Search and Recovery 280
Certification card fee   50
Dive Master upon request  
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