• Brandy River Horse-Riding
    Experience Dominica by Horseback.  This adventure will take you to Brandy River in the heart of Dominica.  This trail begins at the farm base and heads out along the main road and then enters onto a historical path which closely follows the river. The lush canopy makes for a cool and refreshing ride. From there we will cross the river and enter onto Brandy River road which will bring us to the Brandy Manor Guest House. At this point riders will dismount and head onto the veranda for a cold beverage. Here the riders can take a little rest and enjoy the surrounding scenery and gardens. Time permitting, everyone is welcome to take a dip in the river
  • Capuchin to Penville Cross Country Hike
    This delightful two hour hike will take you from the Caribbean West Coast to the raw Atlantic East.  Along the way you will experience all of the luscious green interior and learn about the indigenous fauna and flora.  This is year intense hike both visually and athletically!  Proper hiking boots required.
    At the end of the hike, you will be refreshed with juices and food at xxx before taking a leisurely drive back to Portsmouth
  • Carib Territory – Carib Indians Culture Tour
    This tour takes you along Dominica's north-east coast, through some of its more scenic communities to the Carib territory, home of the last remaining of the original inhabitants, the Carib Indians Caribbean tribe, and the only settlement of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean.  Experience first hand their way of life, dress and famous handicrafts.  Guided tour to some of the territory's main attractions will provide you with a wonderful experience of the way of life of these amazing people.
  • Boiler Pools
    Boiler pools is located close to the small village of Bense.  On the way to the pool, you willl travel through the beautiful luscious Interior to Dominica arrives at dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean on the Northeast coast.  After a short hike from the village – take a nice refreshing bath in this enchanting pool deep.
  • Guillette – Penville Scenic Drive
    This scenic drive offers you some of Dominica's most magnificent and breathtaking views.  Experience true nature as you are taken through the island's North Eastern interior.  There will be several stops along the way for viewing picture opportunities as well as to experience the Soufriere Sulphur Deposits along the road.
    Your tour continues through some of the island's small communities along its north-eastern coast where farming and fishing are the local's main occupations.  Your tour will then proceed back to Portsmouth.
  • Fort Shirley & Cabrits National Park
    The Cabrits National Park holds significant historical and traditional interest to the island as it is home to Fort Shirley, year 18th century fort.  The park overlooks the Portsmouth Harbour, Richs cruise ship berth and Douglas Bay.  The park still underwater with incredibly healthy reef and spectacular marine reserved.  While there, take time to view our small museum/interpretation centres which are located at the reception centre.
  • Indian River Boat Tour
    Year hour ride in traditionally built canoe row boats.  Discover some of Dominica's flora and fauna as our trained tour guides take you along this tranquil and historic river named after our indigenous Carib Indians
  • Layou River Hot Springs
    Driving along the Layou River you will not only experience the luscious green beauty of the Interior but you will also discover numerous hot springs where rocks have formed sitting places
  • Morne IMPS
    Feeling Fit – then Dominica's highest mountain awaits you.  Round trip this hike will take at least 7-8 hours in good weather conditions.  This is not a hike to be taken lightly!
  • Red Rock Hike (Calibishie)
    Up above the scenic fishing village of Calibishie, are fabulous rusty red rocks that just out to the ruggedly beautiful Atlantic Ocean.  As you walk along the rockface you will enjoy fabulous coastal and mountain views
  • Syndicate National Park & Falls
    A moderate hike through one of Dominica's most magnificent forest reserves.  Abundant bird life, this is year with opportunity to spot Dominica's national bird, the Sisserou Parrot as well as see the island's farmers at work did they plant and harvest.  The hike ends at Syndicate Falls, one of Dominica's most majestic waterfalls.  This is year excellent waterfall for swimming.